Professional Webcast Transcription Services to Augment Your Online Webcasts

Webcasting is a growing trend. According to ON24, a webcasting production company, the 35 largest webcasting outlets alone accounted for over 1,200 webcasts in 2006. That number does not include smaller, independent companies and non-media companies who are using live and recorded webcasts to get their own message out.

Non-media companies are also realizing the value of producing their own webcasts. They are a relatively inexpensive way to:

  • Promote your company visually with commercial-like webcasts
  • Give product or service demos
  • Provide audio/visual tutorials
  • Create informative “visual white papers”
  • Webcasts are a great way to show people your business instead of just telling them about it.

More and more webcasters are seeing the advantage to posting webcast transcripts alongside their productions. For decades now, news agencies and entertainment companies have realized the advantage of making transcripts of their programming available – many even sell them for a small fee. Webcast programming is no different.

Webcasting Transcripts Help Get Your Site Noticed

There is another huge advantage to posting your webcast transcripts – or any transcripts – on your website, and that is greater visibility. Search engines like Google cannot tell what your webcasts are about since they can only search text, not audio files. Your visual white paper on the best way to wallpaper a room, for example, will be great for your current website visitors. A webcast transcription posted along with the webcast can attract new customers to your site once Google finds it and lists it in its page rankings.

Elite Office Solutions Provides Fast and Accurate Webcast Transcription Services

Webcasting Transcription Services from Elite Office SolutionsLike all of your marketing materials, your webcast transcripts need to be polished and professional to create the right effect. That is where Elite Office Solutions comes in. Since 1986, we have provided our clients with accurate and reliable transcription services with a fast turnaround. In fact, if you send us the raw audio files, we can have your transcripts completed and ready to put on your website possibly even before you have finished post-production.

Best of all, we format your final webcast transcription to your specs so that it is ready to post.

Contact Elite Office Solutions today to find out more about why we are the best choice in the webcast transcription service industry!