Virtual Medical Scribe Services

Virtual Medical Scribe Services

For Doctors’ Offices, Clinics, and Other Medical Professionals

With Elite Office Solution’s Virtual Medical Scribe services, you don’t have to hire another office staff member, and you don’t need a third-party recording your patient interactions. In fact, we work the way most clinicians are comfortable working: you record your notes, and our virtual scribes convert the audio into useable text.

Best of all, our medical scribes can populate your EMR system automatically, saving you yet another step.

Elite offers all clinicians and medical professionals:

Elite Office Solutions offers fast, accurate virtual medical scribe services to help make your office run smoothly.

At a time like this, do you really want a non-medical person in the room? With Elite’s virtual medical scribe services, you get privacy AND convenience.

Easy services – record your notes, send us the audio file, and our virtual scribes will take care of the rest including auto-updating your EMRs.

Full service without extra staff – Why hire, train, and pay new staff (including benefits and vacation pay…) when our virtual scribes can do it all for you?

A way to keep your private conversations private – Patients are often nervous and uncomfortable visiting their doctor. The last thing they want is another person in the exam room.

One less person in your exam room – Having a medical scribe follow you from exam room to exam room can be uncomfortable for you, too, especially in tight quarters.

A faster way to update your EMR – Clinicians have found out all too quickly that hunting-and-pecking their own notes into an EMR can add hours of administration time to their day, and takes their focus away from their patients. Elite take cares of it all so you can keep your attention on the person sitting right in front of you.

A method for precise note-taking – Dictate the narrative you want included in your patient’s record. Elite’s virtual medical scribes enter the specific notes you provide for tighter, cleaner EMRs.

Elite’ Two-Step Process for Virtual Medical Scribe Services

Elite offers the same virtual medical scribe services without adding another body in your office to get in the way.

  1. Record Your Notes: talk freely with your patient, then record only your pertinent notes.
  2. Upload Your Audio to Elite: if you’re using one of our smartphone apps to record your notes, this is done automatically. Digital audio file (using a digital recorder) and telephone options are also available.

An Elite virtual medical scribe takes care of the rest, converting your audio notes to text and sending formatted files to update patient EMRs. No extra people in the office, no awkward introductions with your patients, and no added hassle!

Plus, with Elite Office Solutions, you get:

  • Virtual medical scribe services from scribes trained in a number of specialties. (See more about our medical specialties here.)
  • 100% U.S.-based virtual medical scribe services – your patients’ sensitive PHI never leaves the country. All of Elite’s services are fully HIPAA-compliant.
  • Guaranteed accuracy from our Quality Assurance Managers – Elite has been working in the business since 1986.
  • Fast, professional, courteous service.

Elite Can Help Keep Your EMRs Organized, Too

We’ve all heard in the news about physicians losing malpractice suits due to poorly maintained EMRs. One report cited four separate court cases in which EMR data could not be trusted. The same report tells the story of a man who was given an antibiotic for a kidney infection, even though it stated in his EMR that he had a kidney stone (which contraindicates antibiotic use). However, due to the complexity of the EMR, that fact was not clearly apparent.

The unfortunate thing is that suddenly clinics and clinicians are being held responsible for the way EMR vendors have organized this information. Clinicians themselves are becoming overwhelmed with unstructured data and reports, repeated information that clouds important notes, data errors due to software intricacies, and complexities unheard of with paper documents.

Elite Office Solutions can help. Our virtual medical scribe services keep you organized by only adding the information you dictate, not the extraneous information that sometimes creeps in with point-and-click or other data entry systems. Your notes will be clear, clean, and crisp for easy review, when you need them.

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