Even basic research involves common office tasks that can bog your work day down. Often, secretarial help from the department is limited and you may not have the budget to hire your own assistant. The good news? You can get the help you need to fit your budget with My Elite Assistant.

My Elite Assistant provides specialized office and research assistant services* that help you get away from basic office chores and back to doing what you love. We can augment the services of your current departmental team or provide common services if you don’t have secretarial support, including:

  • Elite Virtual Assistant Services for Professors and ResearchersTranscription of personal notes, recorded interviews, focus groups, conferences, meetings
  • Business letter/email/memo writing or transcription

We can also assist with:

  • Booking speaking engagement and related tasks
  • Obtaining proposals for printing, hall space, etc.
  • Research for your upcoming trip including best hotels, best restaurants, etc. based on your preferences
  • Basic website management (adding or editing information to your website)

Best of all, you only pay for the services you use with no monthly minimums. We are large enough that we can scale our services, ramping up for high-volume periods as needed, yet small enough to offer one-on-one customer service. Our flexibility allows us to create a work schedule based on your needs and budget.

Contact us today to find out how My Elite Assistant can provide you with the office support you need for research and your day-to-day tasks. Stop wasting time with tedious chores – we can help you get it done faster!

*If your task is not included in this list, don’t worry – we still may be able to help. Please call us toll free (800-977-8973) to discuss your project.