EMRs and EHRs are incredible tools. But like a lot of new technology, there is a learning curve. In fact, many healthcare organizations are experiencing tremendous growing pains trying to adopt an EMR system.

One of the largest problems is developing a system to enter the data. Some organizations have seen EMRs as a way to eliminate transcription altogether. The problem is, their doctors are usually the ones who end up entering the data. This can increase the amount of time they spend doing “office work” like updating patient files by double or more. That’s not exactly how you want your highest paid person in the office to spend his or her time.

Elite Office Solutions offers a system that streamlines this process so that you have the best of both worlds. Physicians dictate their notes like they normally would. The difference is that your transcriptions come back tagged so that you can automatically populate your EMRs. And, through a system of templates and normals, Elite actually reduces your transcriptions costs as well — it’s a win-win situation all around.

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