Turn Podcasts into Transcripts for Better Visibility

Podcast Transcription Services from Elite Office SolutionsPeople from all walks are finding out how easy it is to create their own podcasts. Some are doing it just for fun out of their basement “studio” while others have caught on that it is a good marketing tool for their own business. But where podcasting falls short of greatness is the fact that no matter how professional your podcast, Google searches will not find it because it is a digital audio file – and Google only reads text.

So those same entrepreneurs have hit upon the idea that by creating podcast transcripts, they can post this on their website. And BAM!, suddenly Google is taking notice of their podcasts. They are also handy for giving out to your own members, making them available for the hearing impaired, or even for your own searchable reference.

For most podcasters, looking for podcast transcription services is a whole new territory. But with Elite Office Solutions on your side, this is one technical element you don’t have to worry about.

Since 1986, Elite Office Solutions has provided professional and accurate transcription services to the medical, legal, and corporate communities. Our specialty is to take your digital audio files and turn them into complete documents that you can post on your website, print, or archive. The best part is that we format your transcripts to your exact specifications based on a template you provide, or one that we create for you.

Accessing Our Podcast Transcription Services is Fast and Easy

Once you have an account with Elite Office Solutions, creating your podcast transcripts is as easy as:

  1. Uploading your audio file (original, not compressed)
  2. Reviewing your podcast transcript
  3. Downloading your transcript for posting, printing, or archiving!

Our professional transcription team takes the time to make sure they get it right – even difficult transcriptions including highly technical material. Then it is back in your hands, usually within 48 hours. In fact, if you send us the raw audio, your own post-production may take longer to finish than your podcast transcript!

Contact Elite Office Solutions for Your Podcasting and Other Transcription Needs

Contact us right now with any questions about our services, or to set up your account. You’ve worked hard to make your podcast sound good – make sure your podcast transcript looks good with a little help from Elite Office Solutions.