Elite pharmaceutical transcription services for fast, accurate service.

Pharmaceutical Transcription Services

Experienced medical and legal transcriptionists for reliable pharmaceutical transcription services.

Elite Office Solutions: Your Partner in Pharmaceutical Transcription and Office Support

Elite Office Solutions provides reliable and accurate transcription services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms across the country. We follow the same stringent confidentiality measures we use for our medical clients. Most importantly, all of our transcriptionists work in the United States where U.S. privacy laws apply.

This is not true of all transcription companies. The Internet has brought a lot of new players to the medical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical transcription services industry. Unfortunately, some of these companies are fly-by-night or rely on transcriptionists from outside the country. Sending your private data – including the PHIs of clinical trial subjects, for example – can set you up for security and legal problems you’d rather do without.

Getting your transcription done is easy with Elite Office Solutions. Simply upload your digital audio files to our secure server where they will be automatically added to the transcription queue. Once your transcripts are complete, you can review and download securely. Transcripts are generally completed within 48 hours, though rush jobs are never a problem.

Best of all, your transcripts are formatted to your specifications, which means less work on your end. Just review and send, print, or archive.

Turn to Elite Office Solutions for your biotechnology and pharmaceutical transcription from all sources including:

Lab assistant in pharmacy mixing pharmaceuticals.
  • General Meetings
  • Advisory Board Meetings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Focus Groups
  • Medical/Pharm/Biotech Conferences and Workshops
  • Lectures and Speeches
  • Dinners and Presentations (Including Physician Q&A)
  • Conference Calls

Our experienced staff is able to meet your deadlines. Elite Office Solutions augments its regular business staffing with evening and weekend transcription teams, so you can get even your large transcription projects back within your required timeframe.

Elite also provides general word processing services including converting hardcopy documents into digital form, etc.

Contact Elite by email or call us directly 800-977-8973 | 215-491-0400 for more information about our pharmaceutical transcription services.

Let Our Experience Work For You!

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