Elite's media transcription services can help you boost SEO and readers by converting audio into searchable text.

Media Transcription Services

Increase viewership and readership, boost SEO, and attract more users.

Elite’s Media Transcription Services Boosts SEO and Helps You Reach Other Content Goals

Media transcription from Elite Office Solutions can help you increase your readership and viewers, boost your SEO efforts, and overall attract more visitors to your website. That means you’ll get more leads, higher sales, and better reach to your target market.

So how does it work? Your audio and video sources are great content for your website viewers. But first they have to find it. There are tricks to helping Google and other search engines understand your video and audio content, but they’re not perfect – and they all depend on written words. Text is the only content that is 100% viewable to Google and other search engines. That means media transcription is the only way you can be certain Google is getting the whole picture. One famous podcast boosted its SEO efforts by 6.68%. (Please see “7 Ways Media Transcription Can Help Grow Your Business” below). That number could be potentially be higher for less famous podcasts or small businesses using video content who have yet to break out since there is much more room to grow.

Elite’s Media Transcription Services Can Help Reach Your Media Goals

Elite’s media transcription services convert content from many different audio and video sources into useable written words:

We send your completed transcription back to you in any format you like so that it is ready to post to your website or archive. You can also get your final transcript formatted as an eye-catching PDF or some other type of document through Elite’s marketing services. With Elite’s marketing services, we can also help you edit your final transcription (for example, for caption use) or use it as source material for excerpts and other marketing materials.

7 Ways Media Transcription Can Help Grow Your Business

As mentioned above, text content is still the only content that is viewable by Google and other search engines. But there are many ways that media transcriptions can help you meet your business goals.

Two podcasters having fun. Podcast transcripts makes your recordings more accessible and SEO friendly.
  • Adds content to your website and your other online presences including Facebook, LinkedIn, and more
  • Adds another layer of accessibility for people who are hard of hearing, including guidelines that follow the American Disabilities Act (https://www.ada.gov/)
  • Allows people who prefer to read your content to do so
  • Helps improve your SEO efforts – according to one report, a popular podcast was able to increase search results by 6% and links to their website by 4% simply by adding transcripts of its episodes to their website
  • Allows you to add captions to your videos – captioned videos on Facebook are viewed 12% longer, and most videos on Facebook (about 85%) are viewed on mute
  • Allows you to easily link content to other content so you can connect your audience to other information that they may enjoy
  • Use excerpts from the audio or video for SEO purposes, and link back to them to get the best of both worlds

Of course, media transcription is only useful if it’s accurate. Elite Office Solutions transcriptionists are all based in the United States so they naturally use US English for the correct spelling. We also do other types of business transcription as well as legal transcription, medical transcription, and transcription for police and law enforcement.

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Elite Office Solutions has impressed clients since 1986 with our fast turnaround, accurate transcriptions, and reasonable rates. Contact Elite Office Solutions to find out how we can help you with your media transcription. We’ll even give you tips on how to optimize your audio and video sources to make it faster and easier for our transcriptionists to convert your media to text, saving you time and money in the long run.

All it takes is a quick phone call (800-977-8973 | 215-491-0400) or fill out the email form here with some basic details of your project. When it comes to media transcription,we are Elite!

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