Market Research Transcription Services from Elite Office Solutions

Market Research Transcription Services

Transform your recorded data into useable text with market research transcription services.

Elite’s Market Research Transcription Services Turns Your Audio and Video into Useable Text

Elite's market research transcription services converts your audio and video to useable text.

Elite Office Solutions provides the specialized market research transcription services you need to capture – and use – your market research data.

Market research is predominantly a subjective area. Although surveys and similar tools can quantify your data somewhat, usually the best research comes from just talking with consumers and other stakeholders. This can be done through focus group sessions, one-on-one recorded interviews, workshops, meetings, and more.

But how do you transfer those recorded sessions into usable data?

Elite’s team of professional transcriptionists and documentation specialists turns your market research from audio and video* sources into digital transcripts that you can search or print. We will help you capture:

Working with Elite’s Market Transcription Services is Easy

Market research team reviewing transcription from recent interview sessions.

Best of all, working with Elite is easy. Simply upload your audio or video* files to our server and we’ll prepare formatted, usable market research documents that you can search, pull from, archive, and print. Turnaround time is usually within two business days (depending on the length of the recording) and rush jobs are never an issue. Advanced options including time stamping and adding your market research text to a pre-formatted template (letterhead, report template, etc.) are also available. If you ever have a question or a problem, you can contact one of our Quality Assurance Managers directly.

With Elite Office Solutions, you get:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Accuracy up to 98%
  • Transcription from all major formats
  • Fast, friendly, professional service

Contact us for tips on how to set up your next focus group or other recording session to maximize sound quality. This will help you reduce dropped/missed words, and even reduce your market research transcription costs. (A short list of recording tips is also available on our Focus Group transcription page.)

Contact Elite for Your Market Research Transcription Needs

Contact Elite Office Solutions at 800-977-8973 | 215-491-0400 or fill out the email form here. We provide market research transcription services as well as other office services including marketing services and virtual assistant services for market research companies to make your office run more smoothly!

Let Our Experience Work For You!

*Please contact us about video transcription to ensure we can accommodate your file format.

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