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Insurance Transcription Services

When both medical and legal transcription expertise counts, trust Elite Office Solutions for your insurance transcription needs.

Specialized Insurance Transcription Services that are Fast, Accurate, and Secure

Insurance transcription isn’t just a formality. During any insurance claim, you need an accurate record of meetings, interviews, and other recorded sessions. Chances are, you need it back quickly.

Insurance transcription services from Elite.

That’s why you need Elite Office Solutions.

Elite’s team of professional, experienced transcriptionists works hard to ensure your insurance transcription is accurate. They are trained in both medical and legal transcription, so complex medical or legal terms are not a problem. If they do have any questions, they take the time to look it up or consult with a member of our Quality Assurance Team.

For example, the difference between a patient being prescribed Flomax instead of the similarly sounding Volmax is an important one – and one our transcriptionists know. That’s something not every transcriptionist will catch.

We also review your transcription for typos and other errors to ensure the highest level of accuracy for your documents.

Elite provides accurate, confidential insurance transcription services for your:

  • Investigation Notes
  • Property, Casualty, and Liability Reports
  • Fire and Police Reports
  • File Reviews
  • Captioned Reports
  • Telephone Conversations
  • Transmittal Letters
  • Summary Reports

Insurance Transcription that Goes One Step Further

Elite helps you and your office save time at every step of the documentation process, not just transcription. Besides providing fast, accurate insurance transcription, we also provide additional services as needed including adding the completed text to your letterhead or some other template.

Have a special request? Chances are, we can make it happen – just contact us and ask.

Secure and Reliable Insurance Transcription

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Since Elite Office Solutions provides medical transcription services, all of our services are 100% Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. We treat your audio files and final insurance transcription with the same level of confidentiality and security, whether you’re bound by HIPAA regulations or not.

Most importantly, Elite Office Solutions is proudly an American company. Don’t confuse a U.S.-based customer support with actual, U.S.-based transcriptionists. All our transcriptionists are American citizens living in the United States – we don’t send your audio files or other sensitive information overseas. For you, that means the transcriptionists working on your project are native speakers of American English for better accuracy. It also means your data stays within the United States where our privacy and other laws apply.

Personalized Insurance Transcription Service – We Do It Your Way!

Elite Office Solutions adapts to your workflows, not vice versa, so we are extremely easy to work with. We accept a variety of file types, and you can send files from your digital recorder, smartphone, or PC. We also have a telephone dictation system you can use to dictate your own letters and notes, for your convenience.

If you have any questions, our Quality Assurance Team is here to help. Our goal is to ensure your insurance transcription service is truly Elite.

Contact Elite Office Solutions for Your Next Insurance Transcription Project

Fast turnaround, friendly service, and fully accessible services – Elite is your clear choice for all of your insurance transcription needs. Contact Elite or call us directly 800-977-8973 | 215-491-0400 for more information about our insurance transcription services.

Let Our Experience Work For You!

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