“I Hate Voice Recognition Software”

Page Summary: Speech and voice recognition software packages do not live up to expectations. For medical transcription, this can lead to serious and potentially fatal errors. For legal transcription, it can mean incorrect transcripts and misunderstandings. For business transcription including all organizations who routinely record multiple voices, it’s all but useless.

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I Hate Voice Recognition Software

“I hate voice recognition software.”

Sound familiar? The truth is, voice recognition software (also known as speech recognition software) isn’t the big time saver it’s touted to be.

First, you have to “train” the software to recognize your particular voice patterns. Fair enough, perhaps. But even after all that training, the software still has an accuracy rating way below what you might expect. That means you have to go through the transcripts – sometimes hours’ worth per day – to correct all the mistakes. It’s an inconvenient waste of time. When you add up the hours you spend editing, it becomes quite apparent that the money you are “saving” gets chewed up in your own per-hour billing rate.

Isn’t that what clerical help is for, to assist with documentation so you can focus on other, more billable tasks?

Voice Recognition Mistakes Can Be Critical for Medical Professionals

For medical professionals including doctors and specialists who rely on accurate records and who do not have time to edit mistakes, hating voice recognition software comes with the job. The thing that was supposed to help them save time – dictation – now creates more work, more stress, and more hassle editing the error-riddled documents.

It’s also leading to reduced patient care with potentially fatal results.

A study published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics in September 2016 found that in one emergency room, 71% of notes generated through dictation with speech recognition software contained errors. Almost 15% of notes contained errors that could be deemed critical. The study concluded that “Speech recognition errors occur commonly with annunciation errors being the most frequent… 15% of errors were deemed critical, potentially leading to miscommunication that could affect patient care.” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Incidence+of+Speech+Recognition+Errors+In+The+Emergency+Department)

Flippantly saying “I hate voice recognition software” is one thing. The potential to negatively impact patient care and perhaps even cause harm is something altogether different.

With Elite, You’ll Stop Hating Voice Recognition Software

Elite Office Solutions recognizes that like any tool, voice recognition software can be useful. But also like any tool, it needs to be used properly. Relying on it too much can also be dangerous as the above study – and many others – have shown. Nothing beats human transcriptionists, though we also understand that for a variety of reasons, physicians and other professionals are compelled to use speech recognition software.

That’s why Elite offers a number of different solutions to meet your own workflows for efficient EMR management. We can provide straight transcription services that many physicians prefer and are still used to, or we can edit transcripts generated by speech recognition software. Our transcriptionists and editors are trained in medical terminology so they are familiar with common medical terms – not to mention many of the uncommon ones found in specialities. We also pick up small errors that could lead to disastrous results, such as “50 CCs” of a drug instead of “15 CCs.” In other words, we are another set of professional eyes and ears on your transcription, which is never a bad thing.

We also work with many different EMR systems so that you dictate your notes and our interface will get it back into your EMR. (Read our EMR Report about how to get the most of your EMR system.)

Elite provides the same transcription services for legal and business clients as well. Just because you dictate your notes into some software doesn’t mean that you have to edit them yourself. We’ll correct your transcripts, flag any problems, and send you back your completed text – even formatted with letterhead or other templates, depending on your needs.

You will love Elite Office Solutions, and you might just end up hating voice recognition software a little less.

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