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Save medical transcription costs with EliteSince 1986, we have continually helped our clients save money on their clinical documentation costs by conducting dictation seminars and leveraging technology. We were one of the first documentation companies to introduce secure digital file upload and download, which not only saved time, but also saved courier and other related costs.

Now Elite has taken your cost savings one step further. Our clinical documentation platform can save you as much as 40% on your EMR and other patient file data management costs – we even set up the system and train your staff.

Repeated Text and Normals – Some reports require the same text over and over again. Why re-dictate that content? With the Elite system, the dictator simply chooses a work type (i.e. “patient encounter”) and dictates the new, unique information. The repeated text is automatically generated.

Print Templates – Print templates can also save you added time and expense. For example, a physician can dictate a note or letter and choose which template to use. The letter comes back already formatted on letterhead or any other type of template, ready to send, fax, or file.

Plus, you also get:

Auto-Update of EMRs – the EMR system is an incredible tool for organizing and maintaining patient files. But someone still has to update that information, and increasingly that’s falling back on the physician. Elite uses a tagging system that automatically updates EMRs on download, reducing data management for the physician and office staff. (Find out more here.)

98% Accuracy or Greater – Speech recognition software still is nowhere near the level of sophistication needed, especially when it comes to clinical documentation. Physicians will spend a lot more time reviewing and editing their notes – time better spent with their patients. With Elite Office Solutions, we guarantee 98% accuracy or greater. Plus, our experienced documentation specialists may spot inaccuracies and flag them, something speech recognition software will never be able to do.

Dictation Still the Least Expensive Option

How Elite saves you moneyWhen you add up all the costs of reviewing and editing, or having physicians update their own EMRs, dictation is still the most efficient way for your physicians to record their patient encounters and other notes.

Now Elite offers you even more ways to reduce your documentation costs without reducing accuracy or quality, and without shifting the data management burden onto physicians or other office staff. Plus, we’ll set up a fully-integrated system and train your staff.

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