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Elite Office Solutions provides focus group transcription services as well as all types of meetings and interviews

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Focus group transcription is an art in itself. Creating accurate transcripts and documents from focus groups, round tables, and other similar settings with many voices takes a practiced ear. That’s why you want a focus group transcription service that has experience with large group settings. Most importantly, you need transcriptionists who are native speakers of American English

Elite Office Solutions has provided professional, accurate transcription services including focus group transcription for over 30 years. You can expect a much higher level of service with Elite. We take the time to get it right, including formatting your final text any way you like. If you ever have a question, a member of our Quality Assurance Team will be available to assist you personally.

All of our transcriptionists are Americans who work in the United States and grew up with the language. Unlike some transcription companies, we do not send your audio files or other private information out of the country where U.S. privacy laws do not apply.

Elite Office Solutions for Focus Group Transcription and More

Elite Office Solutions provides focus group transcription services as well as all types of meetings and interviews including:

Elite can handle any size focus group transcription or other business transcription project, quickly and efficiently. We observe the highest levels of confidentiality with every project.

Please contact us for more information about our focus group transcription services, or any of our corporate transcription services.

Five Tips to Improve Your Focus Group Transcription Recordings

Creating the right recording setting for your focus group transcription, round tables, or any other type of group meeting can be difficult. The most obvious hazard is when several people talk at once. Chances are, some words will be lost. There are other factors including environmental noise, and the quality and quantity of your equipment that can affect your results.

However, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk. Here are five ways to improve your focus group transcription:

1. Get Names

Have each member of the focus group state his or her name at the beginning of the session. This way, the transcriptionist will be able to identify and name each voice directly in the transcript. If you need verbatim transcripts, encourage participants to state their first name each time they speak for even greater accuracy. If this is a “blind” focus group where participants are not supposed to reveal themselves, consider using pseudonyms or numbers.

2. Ensure the Moderator Keeps Tight Control

Focus group sessions tend to bring out the emotions in people, and that is often key to getting the best data. But those opinions are useless if you cannot decipher them. Have the moderator encourage focus group members to speak one at a time, or back track when people start talking over each other. Ensure that each person has his or her say as clearly as possible.

3. Use High-Quality Equipment

Quality equipment produces quality recordings, giving you a better chance of capturing every word. Ideally you want to have one mic per person. At the very least, try to disperse the mics evenly and with as little sound overlap as possible.

4. Test Your Equipment

If you have never used the equipment before, make sure you know how to set it up before your participants arrive. Hiring an audio expert may be helpful if you have little experience setting up audio recording sessions. Bring in several of your colleagues and record the session to ensure the mics are working properly and the sound levels are correct.

5. Optimize Your Recording Environment

Having a professional recording studio is not practical for most companies, and besides, it is usually not the comfortable environment you want to create for your research participants. You can reduce environmental noise without making the room seem cold:

  • Close all doors and windows (a windowless room is ideal to cut down on noise and distractions).
  • Turn off all electronics including clocks, radios, TVs, microwave ovens, coffee makers, or other appliances.
  • Avoid rooms with “buzzing” lights.
  • Use carpeted rooms to avoid chair and table scraping.
  • Ask all participants to turn off cell phones and other electronic devices during the focus group discussion.
  • Cover all tables with foam pads underneath a table cloth, and if possible, serve refreshments using paper cups and plates instead of glass and china.

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