How to Record a Zoom Meeting for Transcription

How to Record a Zoom Meeting for Transcription

Elite Office Solutions Provides Zoom Meeting Transcription and Document Management

Zoom has exploded in popularity with the spread of COVID-19. With more and more people working remotely, everyone is scrambling to find ways to meet remotely, too. Zoom is a popular online meeting service that allows videoconferencing and teleconferencing so people can stay connected no matter where they are in the city, country, or world.

Zoom also provides one other advantage: the ability to easily record your meeting. That’s helpful for a number of reasons. Not least of all, Elite Office Solutions can turn your audio and video into a useful meeting transcript. That way, you can send a full written report to team members who couldn’t make the meeting, and archive it for future reference. A Zoom meeting transcription also makes it easier for you to pull out certain information later since you can search by keyword.

Plus, Elite provides quality meeting transcription and additional services such as formatting to your specifications. (Please see below.)

Here’s how to record a Zoom meeting for transcription:

  1. Open Zoom on your computer and click on the “Audio Settings” icon

    Open Zoom and choose "Settings" to optimize for transcription.

  2. Click on “Recording”

  3. Choose where on your computer you would like Zoom to store your meeting recording, and choose “Optimize for 3rd party video editor”.

    Note, you can also choose other options such as recording each person in an individual file or de-select recording the video for an audio-only. We recommend contacting us to discuss before you change these settings as they may change the way your transcription looks!

  4. When you start your meeting, click on the Record button in the bottom menu bar.

    Record your Zoom Meeting

  5. Contact Elite Office Solutions for a username and password.

    This will be used to allow you to upload files to Elite. (You can do this step hours or even days before your meeting, if you prefer.)
    Contact Elite Office Solutions to upload your Zoom audio or video meeting.

  6. Click on the Sharefile button at the top right of the Elite website.

    Click on the Elite Office Solutions "Sharefile" button to upload your Zoom meeting audio or video.

  7. Log into your Elite Sharefile upload area using the username and password we send you

    Log into your Elite Sharefile upload page.

  8. Click on the blue button for a list of options, and click “Upload”

    Upload your Zoom meeting for transcription at Elite Office Solutions.

  9. Now, you can either drag the file from the location you chose in Step 4, or click on “Browse files” to go to the location.

    Then, click the “Upload” button at the bottom left. Done!

When your transcript is finished, we’ll automatically send it to the email address you used to log into the upload section. However, we can also send it to another email if you like – just contact us to give us further instructions. You can also call us at any time to discuss things like different formatting, timestamping, and more. (See more on this below!)

The Importance of a Quality Meeting Transcript

Quality is important for meeting transcripts. Too often, transcripts come back with spelling errors and blanks for unknown words. You won’t even know where they are. That means you need someone to go through and edit the transcript line by line including:

  • Correcting mistakes
  • Going back to the audio or video to fill in the blanks
  • Making sure common spelling errors such as they’re/there/their are spelled the right way

Not only will errors and mistakes cause problems reading, it will make it hard to search if the keyword you’re looking for isn’t spelled correctly (such as an acronym – a common mistake).

You don’t have to worry about that with Elite Office Solutions. Our professional, U.S.-based transcriptionists provide over 98% accuracy and leave fewer blanks. Our Quality Assurance managers are always available to help if a transcriptionist has a question. If there are any difficulties such as a word we can’t make out, we’ll flag it for you so you know exactly where it is in the text. Plus, we can format your Zoom meeting transcription in any way you want from straight text to a timestamped document to a formatted PDF report you can send internally or externally with your logo and contact information.

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Are you using some other teleconferencing service such as GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts? Elite can provide meeting transcripts for those too.

Contact Elite for Outstanding Zoom Meeting Transcription

Find out how Elite Office Solutions can provide you with outstanding Zoom meeting transcription. Contact us with any questions – or let’s get started! Call 800-977-8973 | 215-491-0400 or use our Contact Form to contact us by email. Make the most of your Zoom meeting!

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