Small Things to Help You, the Small Business Entrepreneur, Boost Your Sales, Your Number of Customers, and Your Business Efficiency!

For the last 12 weeks or so, this series has focused on ways you as an entrepreneur can boost your small business. We’ve talked about everything from marketing and social media to having the right mindset and the right business approach.

Although you’re sure to want to read all our blog posts, it doesn’t really matter what order you read them in. In fact, we’ve compiled the top 35 Great Ideas on How to Make Your Small Business More Successful.

Why 35? Because 2021 marks Elite Office Solutions’ 35th anniversary. Since 1986, we’ve helped companies of all sizes across the county do what they do better. From transcription and documentation solutions to virtual assistant services to marketing and promotions, Elite provides specialized expertise tailored to your office needs and workflows.

Small business is one niche we serve, especially with our marketing services and virtual assistant services. Many entrepreneurs get into business because they have a passion for something. But there are always office tasks that come with the territory. Marketing, writing business letters, maintaining a website, social media marketing – the list goes on. Elite’s team jumps in to help you with the tasks you can’t – or don’t want to – do so you can focus on your core business.

Without further ado then, here are 35 Great Ideas on How to Make Your Small Business More Successful.

35 Great Ideas on How to Make Your Small Business More Successful

  1. Get the Basics – business cards, website, logo
  2. Create a marketing plan
    Make sure you have a marketing plan for your small business.Before you start marketing, it’s good to create a plan detailing what you want to accomplish and how you’ll reach those goals. Be as detailed as possible, but be flexible too – you want to be able to pivot if you find one thing is working for you, but another isn’t.
  3. Go to where your customers are
  4. Start an Instagram account for your business’ mascot
  5. Engage your customers (don’t just talk to them)
    Engage customers and ask them to post pictures of your small business.Getting your customers to interact with you is much better than spouting messages at them. Social media is great for this. Ask customers to take and post selfies of themselves enjoying your product. You can even turn it into a contest. They feel more engaged with you AND they help spread your message to their friends!
  6. Become a thought leader
  7. Get testimonials and referrals
  8. Partner with other businesses
  9. Set business goals
  10. Create a budget
  11. Schedule your time
  12. Be open to some risk
    Accept some risk by setting aside some “play money” you can invest in trying new things.Risk is inherent in small business. But there is such a thing as playing it too safe. Fear of losing your business can be real, but that fear can also lead to stagnation. That’s a risk in itself! Embrace calculated, planned-for risk and even budget for it. Risk will pay off with rewards in the long run.
  13. Embrace technology
  14. Take time to self-reflect
  15. Don’t go it alone
  16. Celebrate your achievements
  17. Surround yourself with cheerleaders
  18. Don’t compare yourself to others
  19. Give yourself permission to risk failure
  20. Stop trying to be perfect
    How to fight self-doubt: Stop trying to be perfect.Perfectionism kills productivity. Sometimes, perfectionism happens in an honest attempt to “make things better.” Other times, it’s just an excuse to cover up your fears. Either way, the best way to fight perfectionism is to launch knowing that you can (and, likely will no matter what) change things along the way.
  21. Don’t give in to negativity
  22. Turn your what-ifs around
  23. Give yourself a shot of negativity every now and again
  24. If you’re a woman entrepreneur, read “The Confidence Code
  25. Create a customer reward program
  26. Create a members-only club
  27. Ask for customer feedback
  28. Share your story
    Share your story to increase your customer loyalty by forming a closer connection between them and your small business.
    People will feel a closer connection to you and your business if you get more personal. Tell your story – why you launched your business, what you want to achieve, and where your passions lie. Most importantly, talk about why you want to help us.
  29. Develop a social media marketing strategy
  30. Align your social media marketing with your business goals
  31. Choose the right social media platforms for your business
  32. Measure the right metrics
    Measure sales, not social media "likes".Measuring “Likes” is nice, but it’s not enough. You can’t pay the bills with Likes! Try to be more specific such as how many sales are a direct result of your marketing plan. Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what triggered your customers to buy. But if you are reaching your marketing goals, then clearly you are doing something right!
  33. Hold a photo or other contest on social media
  34. Consider social media advertising
  35. Get someone to manage your social media marketing

Get the Help You Need (from the People Who Know!)

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Contact Elite Office Solutions and let’s see how we can come up with some great ideas to make your small business more successful too. No matter what your needs, chances are we can put together a package that will:

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