Is video transcription high on your list of how to boost your sales? If not, it should be.

People LOVE watching videos these days. According to OptInMonster, about 50% of consumers would choose watching a video online before visiting a store and 79% prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it. What’s more, 84% of consumers have made a purchase after watching a video, and 91% have watched explainer videos. Now to be clear, this isn’t referring to every consumer for every purchase. But it is safe to say that video plays a large part in today’s buying cycle.

So why is video transcription – converting your video’s narration to text – so important then? There are actually two main reasons: to help your customers find you, and to help your customers get the information they need faster.

(For the sake of this blog post, we’re assuming that you have a product to sell. However, these strategies apply no matter what your goal is: generating business leads, selling your services, or becoming a thought leader. Video – and video transcription, as we’ll see – will help you get more eyeballs.)

Video Transcription SEO

Let’s start with the first one. Before customers can buy your product, they have to find your product. That’s where SEO plays such a big role. If a customer is looking for “big purple widget” then they’ll find your page for “big purple widget”.

But what happens if all you have is a video? Depending on several factors including the title of your video, your customers may not find you at all! That’s because Google can’t “read” your video’s narration, only the text you have on the page. Also, Google likes a certain amount of text on pages – usually between 300 and 1,100 words. If your text is in that sweet spot, it’s more likely to get ranked higher. One easy way is to add the video transcription (or a portion of it) to the page.

Video transcription may also boost the SEO of the video itself. Google and other search engines look at as much information as possible when ranking what videos might be more important in its search results. A video transcription can give Google that extra information it needs to put your video ahead.

Video transcription then can help Google and other search engines find your big purple widget and show it in its search results. That means more visitors to your site, and ultimately more sales.

Text Still Has Advantages over Video

Despite all the benefits of video, text still has several advantages:

Sometimes words are faster – There are many circumstances where people prefer to read the information. For example, if they want a quick refresher on just part of the video, they will be more likely to scan the text to get to the info they need. This is especially true if they’ve already watched your video, and needed to fact check some items.

Text is searchable, but video is not – This is similar to the last point. Video is not searchable at all. Although your website visitors can skip around to try to find the right spot, it can quickly become a long and frustrating experience. They may even give up and visit someone else’s website. But with video transcription, they can simply search for the word or phrase they’re looking for and BOOM!, there it is.

Text adds accessibility to your website – For those hard of hearing or who are in places like a library where they cannot have the sound on, text may be the only way they can get your information. If you’re relying on video alone, you could be missing a substantial portion of your customer base.

Text adds another way people can share your content – People share links, videos, and text all the time. The more ways you can give them the information, the more ways they’ll share your message.

You can use the text in different ways – A video transcription is a verbatim document of your video’s narration. However, you can rewrite the text and use it in different ways: as a blog post, as an advertorial, as teaser text, and social media posts, as a white paper, as a brochure – the list goes on.

Video transcription can double as a caption – On social media apps, many watch videos without the sound. A staggering 85% of Facebook users, for example, watch videos on mute. That’s why you see so many videos now using captions, so that people can read along. Video transcription can help you create accurate captioning for your videos, quickly and expertly.

Quality Counts in Video Transcription

If you want to present a crisp, professional business (and why wouldn’t you), it’s important to find a video transcription service that offers fast, accurate transcriptions. Experience matters, for the sake of trust and great results. Elite Office Solutions has provided professional video transcription for media companies, lawyers, law enforcement, business, and medical clients since 1986. We’d love to help you too. Contact Elite today to find out how video transcription can help find more customers and increase your sales.