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Why risk your reputation with budget pharma transcription?

Pharma Transcription: 4 Things to Consider Besides Price

We are often asked by potential pharma transcription clients why it’s so important that they do business only with U.S.-based transcription...

Here are 7 interview recording tips to save you money and editing time.

7 Interview Recording Tips to Save You Money and Improve Your Transcripts

We can tell you from experience: there’s nothing worse for good interview transcription than a bad interview recording. Scratchy audio. Lots...

Clinician burnout due to EMR updating without any help is a real thing -- and it's getting worse.

Clinician Burnout: Is the Medical Transcription Industry Dead?

Some Comments on Karen Clay’s “For the Record” Piece on Clinician Burnout Due to clinician burnout, the medical transcription industry is...

ZDoggMD says physicians need to take back EMRs to improve health care for their patients.

Doctors Take a Large Part of the Blame for EMR Fiasco, Says ZDoggMD

“We’re going to take medicine back,” he tells clinicians across the United States It’s no secret that electronic medical records or...

Elite Office Solutions - Grow Your Business in 2019

Six Ways to Grow Your Business in 2019

January is often a slow time for many small businesses – a time to give yourself the 10,000-foot view of your...