The pandemic has been devastating to small businesses and our communities. What this pandemic has also underlined is how intertwined we all are. It’s not just one business or one person affected. It’s all businesses and all people. We truly are all in this together. That’s why Elite Office Solutions came up with a way to help everyone with their “Support a Dream” initiative.

Elite Office Solutions Support a Dream T-Shirt in Support of Small Business During the COVID PandemicWe are offering “Support a Dream” shirts as a way for small businesses to generate some revenue during these hard times, many of whom have been closed since the shutdown. Our “Support a Dream: Eat, Drink & Shop Small Business” shirts are a way the community can show support. Businesses receive $10 for every shirt sold.  There is no inventory and no setup – and no hassle! Elite takes care of everything from inventory to order fulfillment and ships directly to the contributor.

Why Support a Dream T-Shirts Work

For customers, “Support a Dream” shirts offer a way to show their support for the businesses they love:  restaurants, hair salons, mom-and-pop stores – you name it. There has been a huge upwelling of community pride for their local small businesses. People realize that being closed for this long means that some businesses may not make it through the pandemic. It’s the same idea as colored wristbands for awareness – it lets you show support in ways that a simple donation does not.

Where We Got the Idea for “Support a Dream” T-Shirts

Elite Senior Strong FlagIt all started with some teenagers.

Once the COVID pandemic hit, we realized that our high school grads were going to miss out on what should be one of the best times of their lives. The Class of 2020 was quickly becoming “The One Where We Were All Quarantined” – and we wanted to do something to give them a reason to smile.

So, we put together a promotion through our marketing divisions to help make graduation as special as possible for them during these difficult times. It started with lawn signs for friends whose children were also seniors. But word got out, and we were getting flooded with requests for more lawn signs.

And you know what? The kids loved them.

We grew our product line too including garden flags, car flags, mugs, and window stickers. Although the Senior Strong 2020 movement will never replace their senior year it does show that we love and care about our grads.

Transferring the Idea to Small Business

Elite is deeply concerned about the future of small businesses as well. That’s why we brainstormed ways we could take the Senior Strong 2020 idea and help our business community. Lawn signs and flags weren’t the best answer for several reasons – businesses are inundated with new signage for routing, distancing, etc.

Enter the “Support a Dream” T-shirts. Like the lawn signs, they are a way to show community support. Businesses can give their customers a link to the online store via social media, an email blast, or through any other means. Best of all, businesses receive a check for the revenue their T-shirts generate.

We provide a simple, no-stress way for small businesses in the area to create some extra income they so desperately need.

(You can see it in action here including a link to the online store:

Contact Elite to Find Out More About “Support a Dream” T-Shirts

We’re happy to share what we’ve learned with other small businesses, free of charge. We understand the problem all too well – after all, we are a small business too!

Contact us to learn more about “Support a Dream” T-shirts – and stay safe out there!

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