The Five Best 2021 Small Business Planners We Found to Keep You Focused and Growing

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have different needs than the average working professional. Our small business planner has to include more than a calendar and a to-do list. We need to literally plan our futures as well as our days. Luckily, there are many different small business planners to help us stay focused on our long-term goals and our daily tasks.

In compiling this list, we looked for several features that small business owners need in a planner:

  • Flexibility
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Calendar Options
  • Room for To-Do Lists
  • Room for Journaling
  • A logical approach to planning the days, weeks, and months ahead
  • Emphasis on both short- and long-term goals

We awarded bonus points for small business planners with features that go above and beyond. These include the “Monthly Check-in” feature in the Dailygreatness planner, and custom covers and nameplates on the Erin Condren Coiled Lifeplanner.

Research Many 2021 Small Business Planners to Find the Best for You

As you’ll see, not all the planners below meet all criteria. Finding a small business planner is very much like finding a house – sometimes there are compromises. Also like finding a house, it’s a good idea to look at many different ones to ensure you feel right at home. After all, you’ll be living out of your planner for the next year or so!

One final note: the small business planners below display the regular list price. Many were discounted as of this writing, so prices can fluctuate. (We chose to use the regular list price since it’s unlikely to go above that.) Check the links for the most up-to-date pricing.

Without further ado then, our list of the five best 2021 planners for small business.

Moleskine 12 Month 2021 Weekly Planner, Soft Cover, XL (7.5″ x 9.5″) Black

Classic Moleskine Small Business Planner

A classic. Not only does this work as a daily scheduler and daytimer, you can also plan long-term projects with room for updates, bullet journaling, and to-do lists. Not quite what you’re looking for? Moleskine also offers a number of different planners including a monthly notebook, daily planner, weekly horizontal planner, and weekly notebook.



Roterunner Purpose Planner

Roterunner Small Business Day PlannerThe Roterunner Purpose Planner bills itself as “a holistic, strategic and actionable 6-month planner, journal, and numbered notebook that empowers you to reclaim control of your time and priorities.” According to one review, this is a great system for people who wear different hats – which makes it perfect for the small business owner! Some people may not like the undated pages, but others will love that they can start using it immediately, not in January, September, or some other month that’s not convenient for them. Also comes in different colors and choice of soft or hard cover.



Daily Planner by Panda Planner

Panda Small Business Daily PlannerIf flexibility is your thing, the Panda Planner should be on your research list as well. Although billed as a daily planner, it features weekly and monthly agenda sections. This small business planner is also undated, so you can start anytime you want. According to its description, the Panda Planner is “part agenda, part gratitude, part journal planner, part schedule, part goal planner, part life organizer, (and) all productivity.” Like the Moleskine, Panda Planner offers different small business planners, agendas, and notebooks. One that caught our eye is the Rocketbook planner – an erasable, reusable planner you don’t throw away when it’s full.



Erin Condren Coiled Lifeplanner

Erin Condren Small Business Daily PlannerLooking for a straight daily planner that’s fun to use? The Coiled Lifeplanner features the classic arrangement of dated, tabbed pages in for weekly, monthly, and yearly planning. But this planner isn’t just all business. It also features dozens of fun covers including Leopard, Wildflowers, and Watercolor Splash. There’s even an option to create your own custom cover including your name or a favorite quote. Erin Condren also offers an array of other planners, journals, and stationary that are fun, useful, and professional.


Dailygreatness Success Planner Yearly

Dailygreatness Small Business Daily PlannerHere’s another flexible option “designed for the work & career-focused professional.” More than just an undated yearly planner, it also includes worksheets to “guide and inspire you to get clear on your goals.” The planner itself includes weekly pages, Morning Mindset questions, and room for daily priority checklists. Plus, it guides you through a Monthly Check-in so you can review what’s been working and what hasn’t.


Bonus Sixth Option: Find a Virtual Assistant

So there you have it: our picks for the five best small business planners for 2021. We’ll mention a sixth option too – have someone help you do the planning for you. Elite Office Solutions offers virtual assistant services that free up your time so you can focus on your core business. We take care of those daily office tasks so you don’t have to including scheduling, research, updating your website, and transcribing your notes and audio recordings to useable text. We can also help with your marketing and promotions, finding you new clients and customers while you look after your current ones.

Contact Elite – Our Virtual Assistant Services Can Help You Plan Too

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