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With an atrocious 86% accuracy rate, AI transcription tools need human editing. Don’t let that editor be you!

AI Transcription Editing

Overview: AI transcription tool problems are well understood in the industry, but (unsurprisingly) the service companies offering AI transcription downplay the issues. The reality is, the 86% accuracy rate that the best AI transcription tools can manage just doesn’t cut it. You’ll still be spending too much time with your transcription and documentation fixing errors. Elite Office Solutions helps companies of all sizes and in all industries by providing AI transcription editing services, fixing those errors so you don’t have to.

AI Transcription Tools Need AI Transcription Editing Services

“AI transcription tools are intended for use with a human editor…”

The promise of AI transcription tools leaves much to be desired. Sure, it sounds great: talk into your cellphone and out pops a written transcript. Sounds like magic, right?

Doctor, lawyer, or business professional confused by AI transcription results in big need of editing.

In fact, it would have to be magic to get error-free transcription with AI transcription tools. According to Forbes magazine, “The most accurate AI transcription tools have demonstrated an 86% accuracy rate.” That’s below the transcription industry standard of 98% accuracy – far below.

It may sound like only 12% difference, but errors by even one percent can have an exponential impact on your transcripts. Not only does that mean more work for you fixing those errors, it dramatically increases the chances of one (or more) of those errors slipping through. That’s unacceptable for doctors responsible for the health of their patients, for lawyers responsible for the legal rights of their clients, and for anyone who relies on accuracy.

For most high-performing professionals, the 86% accuracy rate that AI transcription tools offer just doesn’t cut it.

You’ll spend:

  • More time reviewing transcription
  • Exponentially more time fixing errors including blanks and nonsensical words
  • More time referring back to the original audio for unintelligible words (unintelligible, at least, from the viewpoint of AI)

In turn, that means you’ll spend:

  • Less time seeing patients/clients/customers
  • More overtime after hours catching up on paperwork
  • Less chance of a good work/life balance
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • More frustration and burnout

A “free” AI transcription tool isn’t free or useful if it makes you spend more time fixing its errors! And if you’re paying for the service, that’s even more frustrating.

What’s Involved with AI Transcription Editing to Fix 86% Accuracy

Doctor dictating, knowing full well that her AI transcription software will only give her 86% accuracy.

So what does a 14% error rate look like in real life?

Let’s say you’re a doctor dictating SOAP notes during or after a patient exam. These can be about two pages long or 1,000 words. That translates to 140 mistakes!

Given that medical terminology is much more difficult for AI transcription tools to fix, that 14% error rate might be a low estimate in this case. Add in other factors such as accents, background noise, and poor recordings, and that error rate can easily increase.

However, this isn’t just an issue in medical transcription. All areas including legal transcription, police and law enforcement transcription, media transcription, business transcription, pharmaceutical transcription, and so on can be negatively impacted by inaccurate AI transcription tools. Further, each of these areas has their own jargon.

Okay, so you’re a doctor who has 140 errors per 1,000 words. Now what? Someone will have to spend extra time fixing those errors. You’re probably getting the sinking feeling right now that the editor might be you.

In many cases, the AI-generated word may be barely recognizable: “Patient saw Dr. lurch alley about joint pain.” You might be able to figure out or remember from this ridiculous transcript that the patient saw Dr. “Lechevalier” and be able to fix the name before committing it to the patient record. Or, you might not.

You could also get something like this: “Patient saw Dr. [unintelligible] about joint pain.” Will you remember the “unintelligible” name then? If not, it might mean digging out the dictation again to find it.

That’s what’s involved in fixing one mistake. Only 139 to go…

AI Transcription Editing Solves This Problem

Medical transcriptionist working remotely.

“Time-saving” AI transcription tools do not save you time or money if you’re spending valuable billable hours fixing mistakes or doing paperwork after hours. These tools should make your job easier, not harder!

But there is a solution: AI transcription editing services from Elite Office Solutions.

Our professional transcriptionists know and understand technical jargon used in medical, legal, law enforcement, and other industries. They can decipher what the AI transcription tool was trying to say, and fix those many pesky errors that creep in from software programs. Simply:

  1. Contact us to create your account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Upload your AI-generated transcript and original audio to our secure servers for AI transcription editing
  3. Our editors will review and correct , referring to the source audio where needed. We will notify you when your finalized transcript is clean, edited, and ready for download.
  4. Do a (much, much!) faster review, and finalize

Done! We save you time so that you can increase your billable hours, reduce your overtime paperwork “catch-up” hours, or both.

Contact Elite Office Solutions for AI Transcription Editing

Are you ready to leave the office on time for once? Contact Elite Office Solutions right now for a free consultation and/or to set up your account. We can get to work on your AI transcription editing project as early as today. All it takes is a quick phone call (800-977-8973 | 215-491-0400) or fill out the email form here.

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