Advisory Board Transcription

Advisory board transcription from Elite Office Solutions provides you the most important thing you need: accountability. Meeting summaries are great, but they only provide an outline of what was said. Advisory board transcription on the other hand can give you a verbatim record of the discussions themselves. This doesn’t replace summaries necessarily. Rather, it gives you another layer of transparency and documentation to ensure your managers, shareholders, scientific board, ethics board, and any other stakeholders have all the information they need.

Transcription from a Trusted Name: Elite Office Solutions

Your transcription is only as good as the name behind it. Since 1986, our clients have trusted Elite Office Solutions to provide their transcription including advisory board transcription because:

  • We Are Professional – Elite employs only professional transcriptionists who are experts in their field including medical, legal, and pharmaceutical for greater accuracy and fewer blanks
  • We Are Accurate – All transcriptions flow through our Quality Assurance Managers improving accuracy even further. Plus, they are available to support transcriptionists when they have questions.
  • We Are Fast – Elite Office Solutions can turn around your advisory board transcription quickly – usually within 72 hours.
  • We Are Easy to Work with – Elite has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry
  • We Are 100% U.S.Elite’s offices are in the U.S. – and so are our transcriptionists. That’s important because you don’t want your sensitive information leaving the country where our privacy laws don’t apply and where security may be compromised.

The Value of Advisory Board Transcription

Pharmaceutical Advisory Board Transcription

Pharmaceutical advisory board transcription services - Elite Office SolutionsMany decisions – and often the most crucial decisions – come from insights made during pharmaceutical advisory board meetings. Having a written record of those meetings provides greater transparency and can help the company backtrack more easily if a shift in direction is needed. Elite provides:

  • An accurate written record of every meeting
  • A searchable document that can be referred to in the future
  • A reliable account of each meeting oversight and other stakeholders

With Elite’s comprehensive transcripts, it’s easier to see how the meeting got from Point A to B to Z.

Business Advisory Board Transcription

Advisory boards are important in business for a variety of situations, including:

  • Business advisory transcription services - Elite Office SolutionsAdvice for start-ups or established businesses entering a new area of business
  • Provide new insights
  • Get a “10,000-foot look” at operations
  • Review new products or services
  • Test marketing campaigns and ideas

…and many other eventualities. Documenting these meetings is vitally important! With Elite’s  transcription services, you can ensure all stakeholders have complete and comprehensive documentation. These transcripts allow you to dig deeper than summaries to reveal the in-depth discussions.

The Elite Advantage

Elite Office Solutions goes above and beyond most other transcription companies. When it comes to advisory board transcription services and focus group transcriptions, Elite can provide:

  • Choice of verbatim or non-verbatim (cleaned up without the “ums and ahs”) transcription
  • Timestamps
  • A searchable document in Word, PDF, or some other file format
  • Transcriptions from videoconferences and webinars using popular platforms such as Zoom. (Find out How to Record a Zoom Meeting for Transcription.) 
  • Outstanding, personalized customer service

Plus, you get fast, accurate advisory board transcription from professional, U.S.-based transcriptionists to ensure your data is safe and secure.

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