Lecture hall - students use academic transcriptions services as well as professors, Ph.D. candidates, and academic researchers.

Academic Transcription Services

Elite Offices Solutions offers academic transcription services to a wide range of academic clients including college and university professors, academic researchers, sStudents, and post-grads.

Academic Transcription Services from Elite Make Transcribing Notes Much Easier

Elite Offices Solutions offers academic transcription services to a wide range of academic clients including:

  • College and university professors
  • Academic researchers
  • Students
  • Post-grads working on a thesis or dissertation
  • Departmental projects

Our academic transcription services save you precious time – and peace of mind – by taking this huge chunk of office work off your plate. That means you can focus more on what you enjoy most about academic research: finding and reviewing information.

What Is Academic Transcription?

Lecturer who will send the audio file to Elite for academic transcription services.

Simply put, academic transcription is a service for academics (professors, students, researchers, etc.) that saves precious time converting audio and video sources to useable text.

“Usability” is an important point to underline. Most research needs written documentation to support a thesis or a research topic. Links to online videos or including audio files normally don’t cut it.

(Are you a market researcher? Find out about our specialized market research transcription services.)

Academic transcription services are extremely useful because they allow you to focus on what you do best: research. You collect the information in the form of recorded sessions (audio or video). Then, upload your files to Elite’s secure server. Our professional transcriptionists will get to work converting that source material to written documents that you can add in support of your thesis, dissertation, research paper, or whatever academic materials you are writing. Our services can also help you convert secondary sources including documentaries and lectures that may be available to you online or in a video/audio file.

Typical Academic Transcription Jobs and Projects

You can use our services for a wide variety of academic transcription jobs and projects including:

  • Recorded interviews (academic interview transcription)
  • Classroom lectures
  • Recorded presentations (audio or video)
  • Dissertation interviews
  • Transcripts from audio or video source material (podcasts, documentaries, YouTube videos, conferences, workshops, etc.)
  • Seminars
  • Casual meetings and discussions
  • Labs
  • Q&A sessions
  • Classroom debates and discussions
  • Anything that has been recorded to audio or video

Spend More Time Researching and Less Time Administering

Clock graphic representing the fact that academic transcription services allow you to spend more time researching and less time administering.

Many academics and researchers including students and faculty find typing out their own notes to be tedious. It’s worse if they can’t type very quickly. Hunting and pecking those interviews can take hours!

On the other hand, that same snippet of audio might take a professional academic transcriptionist minutes to complete.

Plus, academic research is among the most rigorous – especially if you are defending a thesis or submitting your research for peer review. Academic transcription services can provide added benefits to meet those higher standards:

  • Speed up the transcription process – not only are professional academic transcriptionists likely faster than you at transcribing, they can generate your transcripts while you are doing other things to prepare your research
  • Improve spelling and grammar (if these are not your strong suits)
  • Give you professional formatting – Elite can format your final transcripts to your specs including layout on the page and file type
  • Provide you with ready-made text for your thesis, dissertation, research reports, essays, articles, etc. Rather than search out rough quotes from your notes, get verbatim transcripts that you can cut and paste directly to your document

Don’t forget – if you’re applying for a grant for your research project, you can include academic transcription services into your grant budget. Contact us and we can help you estimate your transcription costs based on your expected workload.

Elite for Fast, Accurate Academic Transcription Services

Academic transcriptionist providing fast, accurate transcriptions to save you time.

The key to fast, accurate academic transcription is to work with a company that can provide fast, accurate academic transcription services. Since 1986, Elite Office Solutions has helped a wide variety of transcription clients including academics. With outstanding customer service, 100% U.S. transcriptionists, and an eye for detail, you’ll get back clean academic transcripts with fewer blanks and question marks. All you need to do is a quick review, and you’re ready to send, print, or archive.

Contact Elite to find out how our academic transcription services can help you save time so you can focus on your research. We can get to work on your academic transcription job as early as today

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